Website Strategy

is our website your company’s best salesman?

It should be.  It can work 24 hours a day and can show up on the screen of any potential customer in the world. Your website should tell your story, convey your passion and provide critical information. Your website also can be responsible for transacting mission critical data between your customer and your company.

Our passion and talent is working with business leaders who know their service and product very well but may not understand the Web world very well at all.

We can help build your website into the salesman it should be.

Here’s some of the things we can do:

  • New Website development
  • Website content plan creation and execution
  • CRM Integration – Do you use a Customer Relationship Management system like or Microsoft Dynamics?  The process of integrating these systems  is not as easy as it seems.  Processes need to be developed to help you leverage those systems to their greatest potential.  W have worked with most of these systems and can help you and your teams maximize their value.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization started here in Bend Oregon.  SEO is an art and a mystery as the rules change constantly.  Google tries to stay ahead of the game by changing the rules every once in a while, we can help you keep up.