John Guyer

John Guyer

Technology Strategist

“Those who say it cannot be done are usually interrupted by those who are doing itJames Baldwin

John Guyer has a passion for helping companies leverage technology to be better at what they do. He has worked at a senior level in companies that build websites, create software and deliver IT services. His career focus has always been business development and his biggest joy was learning about new businesses and then creating solutions that helped his clients be more successful through technology.

Pine Echoes is John’s way of bringing this process to smaller companies and giving them a better option than they have now.

Aaron McKinney

Aaron McKinney

Senior Software Developer

“Do… or do not. There is no try”  Master Yoda

Aaron McKinney is from Bend Oregon where he works as a full time software engineer and part time burrito connoisseur. He has 10 years of experience with web and software development with a focus on backend technologies like NodeJs, PHP and C# and frontend technologies like Angular and React. He is a Serverless evangelist and and is proficient with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys working on a software projects and being used as a jungle gym for his 3 kids.

Matthew Stubbs

Matthew Stubbs

Senior Systems Architect

“Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!”   Tim Allen

A Nerd with a Personality.   Having come into the Networking and Server world through small medical practices I gained a unique perspective on technology.  I had trained and studied codding while in college and then began working for an Ophthalmologist and surgery center.   Quickly I learned that no matter how cool the latest technology was  it was not being implemented unless the business budget allowed.   This perspective continued through mid sized and regional medical providers I worked for.   Yet there were many useful technologies that very large companies were leveraging to be more efficient and gain an advantage.   It became a passion of mine to find these technologies and find ways to bring them in reach of the small and mid size companies I worked for.  This led me in 2007 to start my own company.   It is now a personal mission to serve people with a local “Mom and Pop” style customer service but bring “Corporate” level tech to them. 

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