Pine Echoes Software Configuration/Development


Is your software holding you back?

(It should support your unique business process)

Excel, CRM, Fulfillment, ERP…. You probably have an array of different software you use to execute your business. Are they the right software choices for your particular business environment?  Are they configured correctly?  Do they play well in the sandbox with the other software that you run? Having your software solutions run in a coordinated way to support how you run your business instead of your business running in a way the software runs is important and we can help. With software, there are a million different ways to achieve the same thing.

Which way is the best for your business?  We can help you figure that out.  Most businesses do things a certain way because “that is the way we’ve always done it”, or “that’s the way the software company set it up and we don’t know it well enough to change it”.  If that’s you but you suspect there is a better way, let’s talk about it.

Software Configuration – We bought it but it doesn’t work the way its supposed to and it really just slows us down

Software Integration – Its great but I have to hire people just to get info from this system to the next

Process Development – I created this business, I know how the process should go.  Cant the software do it according to my design instead of theirs?

Software Vendor Relationships – Who really wants to deal with these guys?

When all else fails – build your own

Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?  You knew the solution and why people would want it. The fact is that most software is built for the masses and for the most part, it works.  Not always though.  sometimes you need to build something that is just a fit for your company, your product, your process, your customer.  We are there to help.  Our Team can help you design your own App or Integration that follows your special design and process.

Oh, and it wont cost you a million dollars to get there.  

John and Aaron have been instrumental to our team at both Peak Roots and Smart Grow Systems. We value their abilities to execute on a wide range of projects from building us an amazing strategic planning app to managing our day to day tech support.  We couldn’t be happier!  Thank you.

Darrin Dow

CEO, Smart Grow Systems

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