Smart IT Solutions

What is Smart IT?

IT professionals are usually 1 dimensional. They may be great in one area of your business like desktop support but not able to help when the website needs help, or you want advice on what CRM you should be using and how to implement it.

For small to medium sized businesses in Central Oregon - IT should be:

Comprehensive –

Your Company has at least three areas of technology Computers, Website and Software. Your IT department should cover all of those areas (without you hiring three different people).

We offer you all three disciplines in one affordable solution

Managed –

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Chief Technology Officer to give you advice on technology, help you make decisions on where to take technology next, manage IT costs?

Pine Echoes is your CTO, included

On Demand –

Small to medium business don’t usually need a full time technology resource (especially one that in single focus).

We offer comprehensive technology help when and how you need it.

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