Pine Echoes IT Management 

Do you trust your IT guy as much as your wife, lawyer or Doctor?

(You should)

Pine Echoes IT only serves a handful of select clients.   You are not a number to us, or a ticket waiting in line to be responded to.  We consider ourselves your Chief Technology Officer but without the title or salary.

Yeah, we climb under desks and plug stuff in, buy computers, help your employees remember passwords all the nuts and bolts stuff but so much more….

Help you create a IT budget – have you ever met an IT guy who couldnt spend more of your money – We will work to be a revenue center rather than a cost center (yes mr CFO this is possible)

Evaluate new software – Just because its new doesn’t make it right for you.  Navigating the software “noise” is hard, we can help you make sense of the options and make the best choices for your company.

Security – Who worries about your data security more than you?  We do.  Cloud back up, local back up, antivirus, anti-maleware, disaster recovery, version control… These are all things you should be doing.  There is no standard right way to do it however, let us figure that out for you and make sure it happens.  Sleep easy.

Process development and training – Your business works like every other business in the world right?  All your employees are ready to go on day one right?  Of course not.  We help you move whats in your mind to a process that is supported by your software and gets communicated to your employees.  and when they have questions, they call us and get answers, not a support ticket.