Pine Echoes Digital Marketing Services


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  


Pine Echoes is excited to announce our Comprehensive Marketing Plan.  We know how busy it can be to run a business.  We also know how crucial it is that your business stands out in the tangled web of the Internet, Google, Facebook, Instagram and more.  John and Suzanne’s combined expertise will provide you with the most current strategies that can help your business win.

One size doesn’t fit all! We know that every business has unique needs based on your products and services. We begin with a review and analysis of your company’s current online footprint and we make determinations on how to help your business succeed in the digital and local markets.  We understand the current best practices in this arena and we can advise your company with a personalized plan on how to move forward.

Actionable Success Once we have an actionable plan in place, we take care of the things that need to be handled as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  At Pine Echoes, our mission is to provide high level services that typically are only available to very large companies with very large budgets to local companies at an affordable rate.  We love to see the companies we work with succeed and we pride ourselves on being locally available to our clients 24/7.

How does it work?  Something like this:

Step 1: Initial Assessment & Activation

Review and Analyze all online components of your business

  • Website, Google, Social Media, Digital Ads, Blogs

Digital Strategy Proposal 

  • Suzanne and John will determine a strategy specific to your business goals and will present an individualized plan to enhance your website and online presence.  


Step 2: Comprehensive Marketing Plan: 

Pine Echoes will utilize a variety of strategies, based on the specific needs of your business.  The following list is an example of the possibilities. Typically, this will be a multi-pronged approach utilizing best practices in the combined digital spaces.

Website Review and Monitoring

Website Optimization – Telling your company story, ideal layout of your site, call to action, stellar visuals, user experience/functionality, blog writing, and more.  

SEO and Google Ranking

  • Best practices employed for increasing your online presence and Google ranking in organic searches.
  • Paid Campaign Activity: option to add paid advertising efforts each month, with ads monitoring.  Additional budget required for paid ads.

Social Media

  • A mutually agreeable number of Photo/Video organic posts per week on 3 social channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Additional/varied feeds may be added or subtracted, per the goals of your account.
  • Monitoring of all interactions, comments, and engagements.
  • Paid Campaign Activity: option to add paid advertising efforts each month, with ads monitoring.  Additional budget required for paid ads.


The Team at Pine Echoes is simply great!  John built us a great website and continues to help us make sense of the ecommerce technology we struggle to understand and now with the addition of Suzanne to the team, our social media coverage is amazing and our traffic is soaring.  Both John and Suzanne are masters at listening to us and presenting our story to our customers.  5 Stars!

Dannie Rasmussen

Owner, Dan's Smoked Salmon