About Us

John Guyer

John Guyer

We have a favorite saying at Pine Echoes:

Those who say it cannot be done are usually interrupted by those who are doing it.

John Guyer has a passion for helping companies leverage technology to be better at what they do.  He has worked at a senior level in companies that build websites, create software and deliver IT services.  His career focus has always been business development and his biggest joy was learning about new businesses and then creating solutions that helped his clients be more successful through technology.

Pine Echoes is  John’s way of bringing this process to smaller companies and giving them a better option than they have now.

Think of us as a primary care physician for your website, software and Information systems who will also understand and support your primary business drivers and can help you leverage technology to be efficient, safe and competitive.

Hiring Pine Echoes can save you the investment in multiple people to accomplish the same tasks. Also, our goal is to be more affordable and more effective than options that currently present themselves in these areas.