We are a single source of comprehensive technology services.


Why hire an expensive agency or multiple employees… 


Imagine what you could accomplish for your business if you could have a Web Developer, Digital Marketing Specialist, Software/App Developer and a Senior IT Architect sitting at your conference table all helping you leverage technology to increase your business performance?  

This is what Pine Echoes now offers companies in Bend Oregon. 

How does it work? – Your primary contact is John.  John has served in leadership positions in IT, Web Development, Sales and Marketing in several industries  .  John is very much like your Chief Technology Officer but without the title or the salary.  He is a trusted consultant that advises, plans and executes all of the technology  assets in your company. 

The value that John brings to you is his ability to coordinate highly talented people to design and execute the projects that will bring success to your business. Throughout his career, John has worked with people who specialize in specific areas of technology (See the team) and when appropriate, John brings those people in to help maximize your success.  No professional searches, no expensive agencies, and no huge consultant fees.  Our mission is to bring you big agency results at a price point that is reasonable for small businesses. 

Think of us as a primary care physician for your website, software and Information systems who will also understand and support your primary business drivers and can help you leverage technology to be efficient, safe and competitive.

Why the name Pine Echoes?

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